Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Art Yarn

Well, i've been spinning more... I love it and I can't stop! Thanks to pluckyfluff and her awesome book and techniques for getting me started!

Here is my latest, a single spun with sparkly gold thread:

Next is my original "Pitaya" yarn, made to look like a pitaya smoothie, aka 'dragonfruit', this is the fruit of a a hanging cactus that grows, among other places, in the Yucatan (Mexico). The Maya people like it's sweet taste and call it Pitaya.

Here is a photo series from 2004 when i first discovered the pitaya in the Yucatan while studying the Yukatek Maaya language:
HaHa! And now the yarn: white romney with slubs of hot pink wool and green curly mohair locks, plied with a pink thread with lots of tiny black seed beads:

That's all the spinning for now...more cool stuff soon!

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