Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spinning Up New Yarns!

After going to the Flock & Fiber Show last month and loading up on cool spinning supplies, I've been making some yarns (in between everything else of course!) and here they are:

A Rainbow Corriedale spun with green sparkle firestar and thread plied with multicolor thread and beehives added during plying


A multi-hued green border leicester spun thick n' thin then thread plied with coordinating green thread and side twists. I made it to look like Usnea longissima, a lichen that grows in the trees here at Hippyland!


  1. Very cool. I was going to say that it looked like fancy lettuce, but that's just because I didn't know how to spell Usnea longissima.

  2. Hey Amanda
    I am doing my PhD on Usnea lichens :) I got here while I was looking for some info about U. longissima. Your weblog is cool. May I ask if you have taken the photo of U. longissima yourself? Where are they growing? I appreciate if you send this information to my email box at cheers