Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Art Yarn

Well, i've been spinning more... I love it and I can't stop! Thanks to pluckyfluff and her awesome book and techniques for getting me started!

Here is my latest, a single spun with sparkly gold thread:

Next is my original "Pitaya" yarn, made to look like a pitaya smoothie, aka 'dragonfruit', this is the fruit of a a hanging cactus that grows, among other places, in the Yucatan (Mexico). The Maya people like it's sweet taste and call it Pitaya.

Here is a photo series from 2004 when i first discovered the pitaya in the Yucatan while studying the Yukatek Maaya language:
HaHa! And now the yarn: white romney with slubs of hot pink wool and green curly mohair locks, plied with a pink thread with lots of tiny black seed beads:

That's all the spinning for now...more cool stuff soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spinning Up New Yarns!

After going to the Flock & Fiber Show last month and loading up on cool spinning supplies, I've been making some yarns (in between everything else of course!) and here they are:

A Rainbow Corriedale spun with green sparkle firestar and thread plied with multicolor thread and beehives added during plying


A multi-hued green border leicester spun thick n' thin then thread plied with coordinating green thread and side twists. I made it to look like Usnea longissima, a lichen that grows in the trees here at Hippyland!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Projects Published Everywhere!!!

This has been a great month for me...THREE of my projects featured in 3 different publications!

First, my Chainmaille Dahlia Ring in the June 2010 issue of Bead & Button Magazine is super fun to make and a great summer project. You can make them in all different colors! Plus there's a mini-photo of the ring on the magazine's front cover! Get the supplies to make the Dahlia ring from my website !!!

Next, my wire version of Peruvian Thread Earrings was featured by the awesome editors at Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine (and also mentioned on the front cover!). In thread, these are back in style, but the all-wire version is even better!

And finally, my Bronze Mermaid Scale Hoop Earrings is project #1 in the new book "30-minute Earrings" from Lark Books. This book is geared more towards jewelers than beaders but the layout looks great!

Whew, what a month! Go out and get crafting!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New FREE Chainmaille Tutorial at Crafty Cat Jump Rings!

I've just finished uploading a FREE chainmaille tutorial to! It's a combination of Basic Spiral Weave with a Jens Pind variation and a project making these