Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Babies and Art Yarn

New Babies in Hippyland! Three baby goats and Five baby kittens in the last month, and they are so so cute!


Now on to the Art Yarn! This one, Sari Sparkle was a long time in the process. I used this neat carded sari silk (much nicer than just the scraps!) from WC Mercantile on ETSY spun with over 100 pompoms made from sparkle embroidery thread and plied along with some of our homegrown brown. I am spinning another to be partnered with this one with tiny copper bells instead of the pompoms.

And a pompom closeup!

This is a pink singles yarn with lilac pygora cocoons added in after spinning a second time. The pygora was grown and dyed by Judy from Spindles and Fiber on ETSY and it's so soft you almost can't believe it! I was inspired to try cocoons from an article in the latest SpinOff magazine and it's my first cocoon yarn!

Dharma has a line of new Acid Dyes, this is Pink Orchid and Electric Violet on my homegrown white, spun up into a super-bulky fluffy Candy Stripes yarn

The last yarn is the first in a new series wherein I envision the final knitted piece and how I want it to be (crazy), then design and spin a yarn to make it happen. This is my CACTUS yarn, and when knit into a beret type cap will look like a barbed wire barrel cactus ~ the yellow twisties are the cactus spines. I have lots of ideas on this subject ~ more to come!

Thanks for checking out my blog! PEACE and Happy Spring!