Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first glass pendants

The lampworking glass shop we built last Fall is finally being put to use! We got our first lesson the other day and started making pendants. The one on the right is the first one I made, it cracked before I could get it in the kiln. Too much stress from working it too much, I guess. The one on the left was actually successful, it has a nice design swirl on it, a good shape and a good loop on the back that is melted in to the back. It's fun to do but it takes a long time to slowly melt the borosilicate glass to make it do what you want. We still like fabric dying the best but will keep trying and get good at it, too!


    The latest is 'Carrie Holmes'
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    God Bless you (Amen),

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  2. I received the exact same email today! I almost went for it until I decided to research Longspeed freight LLC and found your blog and other comments from

    Thank you so much for posting the warning... Ive already wasted way too much time, but luckily, no money. Mahalo to you Carrie and Amanda!

  3. I've also received this same email about someone wanting to purchase 12 gallons of my product. Thanks for the info.